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Stuttgart is a very popular place to live. Anyone getting acquainted with the city will quickly discover its best points and the diversity of its 23 municipal districts. It's not easy opting for one specific district. Would you prefer to live in a bustling city centre? Or would you rather live in a rural area on the outskirts of the city?

Sometimes it is not easy finding a suitable apartment or house on the private market in Stuttgart. You can look for suitable accommodation, for example, on the Internet, in daily newspapers and advertisers or through flat-sharing agencies.


You can look for available accommodation on these online portals:

Daily Newspapers and Advertisers

You will find classified advertisements for flat shares as well as individual private apartments and rooms in the following newspapers or on the following websites:

  • The Stuttgarter Wochenblatt is delivered free of charge every Wednesday to all Stuttgart households. However, you can also purchase the newspaper at newspaper stands.
  • Sperrmüll comes out every Monday and Thursday morning and can be purchased at all newspaper kiosks and petrol stations. ( )

Flat-sharing Agencies

If you need extra time to search for accommodation locally, you can receive information about suitable accommodation from flat-sharing agencies (a service that will help you to look for suitable accommodation). You can take advantage of this service for a fee of approximately 20% of the rental price.

HC24 Stuttgart GbR
Vogelsangstraße 23
70176 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49-(0)711-2991000
Mitwohnzentrale Uwe Burger
Hauptstätterstr. 154
70178 Stuttgart (Marienplatz)
Telephone: +49-(0)711-60 05 77
Telephone: +49-(0)821-242 48 43
Mobile: +49-(0)163-772 02 85
Wohnen auf Zeit 24
Weberstr. 20
72622 Nürtingen
Telephone: +49-(0)7022-78 95 60
ND Bed and Breakfast
Telephone: +49-(0)30-520 04 53 16

Rental index

Here you can find the current rental index from the Statistics Office:

Current rental indesx (PDF)


Here are a few key abbreviations to assist you with your search for accommodation:

Extra charges

Room, kitchen, bath or room, kitchen, balcony

Flat share


Rent including heating