You will enjoy fast, safe and environmentally friendly transport from morning until late evening in Stuttgart with suburban trains, city trains and buses. The cycle network is constantly being expanded and anyone wanting to burn the midnight oil can use the night buses and suburban trains that run through the night to get them home safely.

Mobility consulting service

The mobility consulting service run by Stuttgart municipality offers a comprehensive service when it comes to travel and transport - whether it's route planning, timetables, car sharing or courses on fuel economy.

Allow us to arrange a personal consultation:

Mobility consulting service (m-punkt)

Mobile with public transport

You are ideally connected with the suburban trains, city trains and buses operated by Verkehrs- und Tarifverbunds Stuttgart (VVS) and Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB). They provide fast connections from early morning until late in the evening. (only in german)

Mobile by bike

160 kilometres of cycle paths invite you to explore Stuttgart by bike. Stuttgart municipality is constantly expanding the cycle path network and offering new services to make cycling more attractive.

A fleet of rental bikes with an electric motor has also been available in Stuttgart since 2011. These pedelecs ensure that the topographical location of the city with a difference in altitude of up to 300 metres is no longer a problem.

Cycle route planner (only in german)

Car sharing

The principle of car sharing is simple: you reserve the car of your choice by phone or on the Internet, you pick it up from the parking zone of the car rental provider, drive it for as long and far as you want and then return it to a parking zone nearby. You are normally charged per kilometre based on the distance you have travelled.


The following providers are available in Stuttgart: