People with Disabilities

The Municipal Social Services Department at the Health Authority advises people up to the age of 65 with chronic illnesses or disabilities and their families. The employees answer your questions and help you find solutions and new opportunities, such as with the following concerns:

  • Where can I get relief and support for myself and my family?
  • How do I cope with my disability?
  • What options are there for integration into nursery schools, schools and the workplace?
  • What financial help is available to me and how do I apply for this?
  • What options are there to allow me to live an independent life?

The experts can also provide advice at home on request and together with an interpreter or using sign language if necessary - confidentially, independently and free of charge. 

Please arrange an appointment for personal advice at the Department at the Healthy Authority .

Children with disabilities - migrant parents help each other

If you have come to Stuttgart from abroad and your child has a disability, Baden-Württemberg non-profit parent foundation will be happy to help you. You will receive help there from trained parent mentors from various countries. They will offer migrant families advice and information about early years teaching and counselling services in their mother tongue and accompany them to special schools. The mentors were trained in cooperation with non-profit Elternstiftung Baden-Württemberg e.V., Stuttgart State Eduction Authority and State Capital Stuttgart.

Non-Profit Elternstiftung Baden-Württemberg