Financial assistance

Child Benefit

Mothers and fathers residing permanently in Germany can obtain child benefit. It is generally paid until a child reaches the age of 18 and even longer in certain cases. You make the application to the Family Benefits Department at the Federal Employment Agency.

Single parents and low-income parents can make an application for supplementary child benefit. The level of supplementary child benefit is based on the income and assets of the parents and children, it amounts to a maximum of Euro 185/ child and is paid monthly together with the child benefit. The Family Benefits Department will provide you with information about the conditions for applying.

Further information:
Familienkasse_Child benefit leaflet

Applications are available from


Parental Benefit

Mothers and fathers who care for and bring up their children after they are born, do not work more than 30 hours a week, live with their children in the same household and live in Germany are entitled to parental benefit.

Parental benefit is based on the level of the net disposable income that the parent looking after the child had prior to the birth and that they no longer have after the birth. It equates to approximately two thirds of the parent's previous income - a minimum of Euro 300 and a maximum of Euro 1,800.

You can receive parental benefit even if you did not have a job before the birth.

If mothers and fathers share the parental leave, you can jointly receive a maximum of 14 months' parental benefit. One parent can receive a minimum of two and a maximum of twelve months' parental benefit.

Citizens of EU member state countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are normally entitled to parental benefit if they live and work in Germany.

The following applies to foreigner citizens from third countries: People with a settlement permit can receive parental benefit. Anyone with a residence permit can only claim parental benefit if they are entitled to engage in employment in Germany or have already been permitted to work here.

Further information:
Bundesministerium für Familien, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

Applications are available from
L-Bank, State Bank for Baden-Württemberg

Family Card

The city wants this voluntary social benefit to enable all children and young people to participate in the many recreational and educational opportunities in Stuttgart.

The Family Card can be issued to all Stuttgart children and young people up to and including the age of 16 if the total family income does not exceed Euro 60,000 per year.
There is no income limit for families with more than three children. However, you must prove that you receive child benefit for at least four children who all live in your household.
The Family Card credit balance (FC-purse) is Euro 60 per year. The money is stored in the form of value points on the electronic chip on the card. This means that admissions, annual subscriptions and other services can be paid directly. In addition, you receive 20% discount on fees for the music school and on parental contributions to the "Stadtranderholung" (Waldheim forest retreats) programme, the nationwide holiday initiative for inner-city children.

You will receive the Family Card without having to make any additional application if you submit your current income tax return or your electronic certificate of income tax deductions from the previous year. You also require this evidence if you need to load more credit onto the card.

The Family Card is available from any Citizens' Service Centres or from the Social Welfare Office.

Bonus Card

The Bonus Card is a voluntary benefit provided by State Capital Stuttgart. Anyone receiving benefits in accordance with the Social Code II (Unemployment Benefit II) or the Social Code XII (Basic Security/Social Welfare) as well as anyone receiving housing benefit or supplementary child benefit will receive benefits with this. People on a low income who don't receive any social transfer benefits to provide for themselves can also apply.

Anyone with a Bonus Card can, for example, use public transport in Stuttgart (VVS) at cheaper rates. The additional "Culture for Everyone" offer gives holders of the Bonus Card + Culture free admission to cultural events.

You can apply here:
Social Welfare Office

State Family Pass

The state family pass and associated voucher card enable families permanently residing in Baden-Württemberg, including foreign families, to visit state-owned castles, gardens and museums a total of 20 times a year either free of charge or at a reduced rate.

You can apply for a state family pass in any Citizens' Service Centre in Stuttgart:
Citizens' Service Centres