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      Do you meet the requirements?

      It's quite simple for EU citizens – move to Stuttgart and get going. Citizens from third countries require a residence permit. There are different types of residence permit. It sounds more complicated than it is. The Welcome Centre will be happy to help you.

Your Path to Stuttgart

It's great that you have come to Stuttgart! The team at the Welcome Centre will be happy to advise and support you personally and professionally in all matters relating to your job, registration, search for accommodation and integration and language courses. You're welcome!

Check into a hotel, youth hostel or furnished apartment for the first few weeks. Then you will have time to look for a suitable apartment or property in your own time.

Search for Accommodation

You have found the right accommodation! Before you move in, you need to sign a rental agreement. Rental agreements in Germany must be made in writing. The basic rent per month is normally specified in a rental agreement. There are also additional charges, such as gas, electricity and water. You need to observe the customs regulations if you are transporting furniture, household goods, etc. from your home country.

Customs Duty

Do not forget to register your place of residence at a Citizens' Service Centre in Stuttgart within the first week.

Registering in Stuttgart

Foreign nationals who are not EU citizens must register at the Foreigners' Registration Office and apply for a residence permit and a work permit if applicable.

Residence permit

It's best to open a current account with a bank as soon as possible after you arrive. You will need your passport, registration certificate confirming your place of residence and sometimes a payslip from your employer.