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      Job Search

      Stuttgart is an attractive location for many international companies. Find the right job in Stuttgart! Here you will find tips and links concerning looking for a job.

Your Path to Stuttgart

State Capital Stuttgart is the fourth largest employer in the Stuttgart region and is looking for skilled workers with a wide selection of qualifications. Stuttgart Region Business Development Department places foreign skilled workers in companies. You can also look for job vacancies on online job portals or in daily and weekly newspapers. The Job Centre and EURES Network also list job vacancies. You can of course also send speculative applications to a company of your choice.

Employment Market

If you have found an interesting job then you need to apply for it. Here you will find tips on what you should consider when applying for the job.



There are various names for similar professional qualifications all around the world. Presumably not all German companies will be aware of your professional qualification. Therefore, have your qualification recognised.

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Congratulations! You have been invited to an interview - you have taken the next big step. Here you will find tips to help you prepare for the interview.


Here you can check whether you need a visa for your trip to Germany.

Who needs a visa?


It worked: you have got the job! Now you need to sign the employment contract. Read it carefully - it will tell you about your working hours, salary and notice periods, amongst other things.