Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

You have learned a profession in your home country and want to know whether you can pursue this profession in Germany? The Recognition Act exists for this very purpose. It ensures that the equivalence of your foreign professional qualification is checked with the German reference profession.

In non-regulated professions you can work in the area of your professional qualification immediately without formal recognition if you have found a job. However, the recognition procedures help you - even in the event that your qualification is not recognised - because you can make your foreign professional qualification more comprehensible for German employers.
However, you need recognition of your foreign training and qualifications for regulated professions. These are mainly professions in the health sector (e.g. doctors, nurses) as well as in the social or educational sectors.
You can look on the website to find out if you need recognition.
The telephone hotline at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is also available to answer your questions in German and English: Hotline: +49 30 1815-1111

Information centre in Stuttgart

You can contact an information centre in Stuttgart that will explain all the necessary steps to you. Please arrange an appointment:

AWO - Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Stuttgart e.V.

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