Employment Market

You are looking for a job? The Internet plays an increasingly important role even when looking for a job - whether it's through network portals or job advertisements on the websites of companies themselves. Advantage: You can already start looking for a job in your home country.

For example, job vacancies can be found here:

State Capital Stuttgart

State Capital Stuttgart is the fourth largest employer in the Stuttgart region and is looking for skilled workers with a wide selection of qualifications.

Stuttgart Region Business Development Department

The Welcome Service Region Stuttgart offers assistance to international skilled workers when they arrive in the region and is a point of contact for any questions relating to living and working in the Stuttgart region. It offers advice by telephone, E-mail and in person at the Welcome Centre Stuttgart, operated jointly with State Capital Stuttgart.

The region's Welcome Service offers companies support with the recruitment and integration of skilled workers from abroad.

Further information:


International Placement Service (ZAV) and the Federal Employment Agency

If you are still abroad, you can use the ZAV to look for vacancies that match your profile. The ZAV is part of the Federal Employment Agency and finds skilled workers for the international employment market. If you are already in Stuttgart, you can contact the Employment Agency locally. You will also find a large online job portal on the website of the Employment Agency where you can search for specific jobs:

You can also arrange a personal appointment with Stuttgart Employment Agency.


We make it in Germany

"Make it in Germany" is the multilingual online portal for international skilled workers. It was implemented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The online portal contains current job vacancies and information about the industries looking for skilled workers. It also introduces international skilled workers who already have successful careers in Germany.


Job portals, daily and weekly newspapers, online networks, speculative applications

There are many online job portals as well as daily and weekly newspapers where you can look for job vacancies. Many people in Germany use www.xing.com as a social network for professions and careers. You can also make valuable contacts at job fairs or you can send speculative applications to interesting companies.