Setting up a Business

Anyone wanting to set up their own business needs one thing above all in addition to innovative ideas, lots of patience and secured financing: good advice. The Business Development Department at State Capital Stuttgart and its partners advise prospective company founders in all matters relating to setting up businesses and establishing contacts.

You will receive advice from the following contacts, amongst others:


Stuttgart Company Founder Office

The Company Founder Office in Stuttgart City Hall will provide a free initial consultation to people looking to set up a business when they start out working for themselves. The Business Development Department at State Capital Stuttgart also offers business start-up seminars and round table meetings for founders of new businesses and supports them in the search for inexpensive office space.

Further information:

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Stuttgart Job Centre

Stuttgart Job Centre supports the self-employed and entrepreneurs who receive benefits from the basic provision for jobseekers. The self-employed team at the job centre advises beneficiaries on their path towards setting up a business and helps them stabilise their current self-employed situation.

A prerequisite is an entitlement to unemployment benefit II in accordance with the Second Social Code (SGB II).
Jobcenter: Team für Selbstständige 

Stuttgart Region Business Development Department (WRS)

Business Angels in the Stuttgart region

Business Angels in the Stuttgart region are successful entrepreneurs, cash-rich investors and competent managers who not only offer private equity capital to young and promising high-growth companies, but also support them personally with their business experience and contacts.

Other services:

In addition, there are many other consulting services in the Stuttgart region. For example, you can obtain advice at your university. Universities can also offer you advice in this area.
Technologie-Transfer-Initiative GmbH (TTI GmbH)

TTI is a central point of contact for company founders at the University of Stuttgart. TTI GmbH provides support for all questions relating to starting a business, for example, with creating a business plan, access to funding opportunities from the Federal and state governments, the use of university resources as well as the establishment of a transfer and founding company under the aegis of TTI.

"Generator" start-up centre at Stuttgart Media University

The generator supports students and graduates with their business start-up. Furthermore, it promotes innovation and entrepreneurship with seminars, business simulations and individual coaching.


Integration Department at State Capital Stuttgart

An extensive study of migrant entrepreneurs was carried out in Stuttgart.
At the same time, numerous consulting services are being provided for entrepreneurs with the first special series on "Migrants and the Economy".
Erfolgreich in die Selbstständigkeit Beratungsangebote für Existenzgründer (PDF) (only in German)

Integration Department at State Capital Stuttgart
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