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On many online platforms, you can choose content depending on what you want to study and what level you're at.

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You would like to learn German? In addition to private language course providers, the Federal State and State Capital Stuttgart promote courses.

Let us advise you on which course is right for you. If you have lived in Germany for a longer period of time or are an asylum seeker, please contact the
Linguistic Integration Clearing House . If you have just arrived in Germany, the initial consultation in the Welcome Centre Stuttgart is the right port of call.

The consultation is free and includes a placement test, if necessary.
Here you can find out about German and integration courses through the Federal State and State Capital Stuttgart in your district of the city:
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Integration courses through the Federal State

In the integration courses you will learn German for everyday life and find out facts about Germany, for example, about the history, culture and political system. They are geared towards adult and young people who no longer have to attend school. Foreigners, German citizens and refugees with good prospects to stay can attend the integration courses.

Every integration course consists of a German course (basic and advanced course) and an orientation course. The aim of the integration course is that you will successfully take part in the final test. It consists of a language examination (level B1) and the "Living in Germany" test.


German courses through State Capital Stuttgart

In addition to the integration courses through the Federal State, State Capital Stuttgart promotes district-based German courses and the "Mama lernt Deutsch" (Mum's learning German) programme in Stuttgart's schools. These courses are offered with childcare, if required.

The municipal German courses are aimed at people who are not eligible for an integration course or who cannot be reached via a district-based offer.

Refugees without access to the federal courses are also entitled to attend the municipal German courses. A certificate of eligibility of course attendance can be issued by the Linguistic Integration Clearing House

The German courses for refugees are funded by the state programme administrative regulation on 'German for Refugees' of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration.

BaWÜ_Ministerium für Soziales und Integration

Information about the municipal German courses

Mama lernt Deutsch - German courses for mothers (PDF)

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