Car and Driving Licence

Re-registering your car and driving licence

If you are moving to Stuttgart from within Germany:

Since 1 January 2015 the procedures for vehicle owners is considerably simplified. Anyone moving to another registration district can take their vehicle licence plate anywhere within Germany. However, you must arrange for your new address to be put onto your driving licence.


If you are moving to Stuttgart from abroad:

Once you have registered in Stuttgart you can drive with your foreign driving licence for a further 6 months. You then need a domestic driving licence. You may still need to take tests or provide specific evidence.

Holders of a valid driving licence from an EU member state or another signatory state of the EEA Treaty do not require a domestic driving licence, even if they live in Germany. However, we recommend exchanging your licence for various reasons. You can also arrange to have a European driving licence issued.

You can arrange for your licence to be issued by the Vehicle Registration Office. You can also re-register your vehicles there.


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