Current Account

Everyone in Germany should have a current account to manage their financial matters. You are free to choose whether it's with a bank or savings bank. Please note that every financial institution has different costs and services. It's worth comparing several banks and savings banks in your area. You need your identity card or passport and proof of your residence permit to open an account.  

You will receive a cash card for your account. It provides you with many practical options in everyday life. For example, you can check your account balance, print out account statements or charge your card with money at any time. 

As your card has a cash card chip on it, you have access to your "electronic purse or wallet" at any time. Load money from your account onto the chip at a cash dispenser and pay small amounts without any problems without a PIN number or signature, e.g. in car parks, cafés and vending machines - anywhere you see the cash card symbol.