German for business

If you live permanently in Germany, want to improve your German language skills and focus on the training and employment market, you can attend job-related German courses of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. You need the agreement of the Job Centre or the Federal Employment Agency to be able to take part in the course.

Vocation-oriented German courses (in accordance with § 45a of the Residence Act)

Vocation-oriented language courses in accordance with § 45a of the Residence Act teach German for the workplace in basic and special modules. The courses can be attended in connection with an integration course. The courses lead to levels B2, C1 and C2 and cover specialist German language. Priority is given to jobseekers and the unemployed with permanent residence status in Germany as well as asylum seekers with good prospects of remaining in the country. Courses for workers and trainees are also offered.

For more information, contact the Welcome Center or the Linguistic Integration Clearing House.
See also information from the BAMF.