German for students

The teaching language at universities in Stuttgart is mainly German. You therefore need good knowledge of the German language to be able to study. However, German is also useful fur students on international programmes because everyday life is easier when you speak the local language. 

You have to submit a certificate providing evidence that you have an adequate command of the German language if you want to enrol on a German-speaking course. It is different on international study programmes where most lessons are taught in English. In any case, it is good to be able to speak German. You will find friends more quickly, settle in easier and have better opportunities in the employment market. 

As each university and course has different requirements in terms of your knowledge of the German language and may only accept certain certificates, you should contact the university or institution directly.

You can find further information about German tests to allow you to study at universities on the following websites:  

The Educational Guidance from the AWO and IN VIA provides advice on accreditation of certificates, funding options in Germany etc.

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