Stuttgarter Amtsblatt - A New Edition Every Thursday

Stuttgarter Amtsblatt is the official newsletter of State Capital Stuttgart and is published by the Communications Department. It is published every Thursday.

The editorial section addresses municipal issues from different areas and reports on important decisions made by the Municipal Council and its committees. Reviews, reports and interviews as well as cultural and leisure reports inform you about daily life in the city.

The official section publishes municipal tenders, statutes and regulations, development plans, job advertisements and the balance sheets of municipal subsidiaries.

The service section provides information about all the key dates in the week - from emergency medical services and waste collection times for the mobile hazardous waste collection service and yellow sacks through to church services and personal messages.

The editorial deadline is 12:00 pm every Friday.  An earlier deadline, which is always announced in the Amstsblatt, applies at bank holidays.