Permanent Residence with a Settlement Permit for Family Members of German Citizens

The children and spouses of German citizens may obtain a settlement permit for family-related reasons. This also applies to the guardians of under-age, unmarried German citizens.


The following additional requirements are necessary in addition to the general conditions for granting a settlement permit :

  • You have had a residence permit for 3 years for family-related reasons
  • You live with a German citizen in a family community in the Federal Republic or you and a German citizen live in a community for mutual support and care
  • You have a permit to engage in employment*
  • You have paid contributions into the statutory pension scheme or another pension scheme with comparable benefits for five years*
  • You may engage in employment and have all the necessary permits for this*
  • You have adequate knowledge of the German language (language level B1);
    exception: proof of basic knowledge of the German language (language level A1) is sufficient for family members who already had a residence permit in accordance with § 28 Para. 1 of the German Residence Act (AufenthG) on 05.09.2013
  • You can provide adequate accommodation for you and your family members

*It will suffice if the conditions are fulfilled by one spouse in the case of spouses in a martial relationship.


The following documents must be submitted to ensure the fast and smooth processing of your application:

  • Valid national passport and residence permit
  • Application form
  • 1 biometric passport photo
  • Declaration regarding your marital relationship / civil partnership or community for mutual support and care (if applicable, proof that you are involved in a community for mutual support and care)
  • Declaration regarding previous convictions / social security benefits
  • Proof that you can provide for yourself (employment contract, certificate of employment and statement of earnings, at least the last 3 wage / salary slips)
  • Proof of where you live and a rental agreement
  • If applicable, proof of the permit required to engage in employment (e.g. lawyers, notaries, etc.)

Further information

Further requirements may have to be fulfilled in addition to the above-mentioned points. The final processing of your application will only be considered if all documents are submitted in full.