Permanent Residence with a Settlement Permit for Children

A settlement permit may be granted to children who have a residence permit for family-related reasons.


The following additional requirements are necessary in addition to the general conditions for granting a settlement permit :

  • You are between 16 or 18 years old
  • You have had a residence permit for 5 years for family-related reasons
  • At the age of consent:
    • You have adequate knowledge of the German language (level B1)
    • You can provide for yourself or you are in training leading to a recognised educational or vocational qualification or degree
  • There is no reason to deport you based on your personal behaviour
  • You have not been sentenced to a term of youth custody of at least six months in the last three years or a term of imprisonment of at least 3 months or a fine equivalent to 90 days' income
  • You do not receive any benefits in accordance with the second or twelfth code of the Social Code (exception: when attending training with a recognised school educational or vocational qualification)


The following documents must be submitted to ensure the fast and smooth processing of your application:

  • Valid national passport and residence permit
  • Application form
  • 1 biometric passport photo
  • Declaration regarding previous convictions / social security benefits
  • Proof that you can provide for yourself including proof of where you live and a rental agreement or proof of training/school
  • If applicable, proof of adequate knowledge of the German language (through school leaving certificate)

Further information

Further requirements may have to be fulfilled in addition to the above-mentioned points. The final processing of your application will only be considered if all documents are submitted in full.